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Frequently asked questions

Surely all I have to win is bid £0.01p?

Although £0.01p is the lowest value that you can bid on an auction. If you are the first bidder to bid £0.01p you will be the lowest UNIQUE bidder. However as £0.01p is the most common bid this probably would not last long. As soon as someone else bids on £0.01p this will no longer be a UNIQUE bid. The goal is to bid on the lowest value that NO OTHER member has bidded on therefore becoming the LOWEST UNIQUE BIDDER. Good Luck Bidding!!

How does it work?

The likleBID lowest unique bid auction website is the opposite to the traditional auction where the highest unique bidder claims the auction lot. likleBID is a lowest unique bidding site that offers our members the opportunity to participate in low unique bid auctions. Therefore instead of the highest bidder claiming the auction lot with likleBID the lowest unique bidder wins the auction. To participate all you have to do is become a member for FREE and submit bids on the products of your choice.

What is the lowest unique bidder?

The lowest unique bidder is the person that has submitted the lowest unique bid value. This means that no other likleBID member has also submitted the same value and it is the lowest of all unique bids submitted. As the owner of the lowest unique bid of a particular auction on likleBID your username will appear on the auction lot until another member also submits that value or the until the auction closes.

When does the auctions close?

The date of all auctions are publised and the auction closes on 12am of the date published.

What happens if there are no unique bidders at the closing date?

If at the end of an auction there is not a designated lowest unique bidder the auction is simply extended for an additional 24 hours.

How much do you have to pay?

To be a member of likleBID is completely FREE and you are also provided with 5 FREE bids upon creating an account but also 10 bids once you verify your email. Thereafter you can purchase additional bid allocation on a pay as you go basis, weekly or monthly using credit card mobile or Paypal.

How do I stop mobile payments?

If you are a Paypal subsription member you may stop your payments via your PayPal account. If you are a mobile subscription member of likleBID you can simply stop payments by texting STOP to 65065 or 89530. The sms will be charged at your standard network rate.

If I win how much do I have to pay?

If you are the lowest unique bidder upon the close of an auction all you then have to pay is the lowest unique bid value. No additional delivery charge to UK residents. No hidden administrative fee.

How do I do to claim the prize I have won?

As the winner of a likleBID auction an email will be sent with further instructions. All winners are required to submit a winners photo with themselves and a likleBID winners certificate. Upon submission and approval of the photo and winning bid payment the photo will be made public on the winners page and used to promote the likleBID site. If we do not receive this content or are unable to contact the winner via email, a member of our team will also attempt initiating contact by telephone within 3 working days (Monday-Friday) of the close of the auction.

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